Part time employee, Full time investor, 100% entrepreneur and an all-round problem solver

A consummate real estate professional with 14 years in the industry, Michael Bowen is a seasoned expert on all aspects of property. What makes him different though, is his special passion for helping homeowners experiencing financial difficulty, who need to sell urgently.

Michael is an accomplished I.T. professional, Property investor, entrepreneur and business coach who aims to provide actionable resolution for difficult challenges… Both in life and business.

Operating under the umbrella of, he aims to help and assist sellers in distress by finding easy and actionable steps to resolve those challenges.

He holds an MBA degree from Liverpool John Moores University, is a qualified Game Ranger in Dangerous Game areas, volunteers as a snake relocator in and around Cape Town, and has completed the legacy education and SAPIN programmes for real estate investing. His coaching has taken many of his clients to higher levels of earnings and promotions, through short interactive and outcome driven coaching.



Passionate about property!
Tamaryn and Neale have been investing in property for 13 years. Their focus has been mainly on the residential side of property and have had the privilege of meeting many interesting people along the way. When they are not doing property, both Tamaryn and Neale are I.T. and project professionals and entrepreneurs.

They believe that there is as much a human element to property as there is the physical property itself.

Life happens to all of us – whether people find themselves in the position of wanting to start a new chapter, divorcing, experiencing some financial difficulty, or needing to get through the process of closing an estate – helping to find a win-win solution for people with their property is one of their primary goals!

Joining forces with Michael Bowen and team to be a part of CTHomes and operating under the umbrella of, they hope to reach and assist more people through property by guiding them through the process with the help of an experienced team.


Property Coach

Andrew Walker:

Andrew is a HUGE believer in creating multiple streams of income. He bought his first property at the age of 21, after realizing the wealth creation opportunities that property investment offers, he soon bought his second property and embarked on his journey as a property entrepreneur. Training under the mentorship of UK property investment guru Matthew Sneddon, he learned how to apply various financial strategies, which even now allows him to buy properties without using his own capital. Over time, Andrew has identified various ways to structure deals and raise capital.

Andrew has personally been involved in more than 600 property transactions, both in South Africa and the UK where he assisted other Investors in building their property portfolio. Passion is Andrew ‘s middle name, he naturally has the desire to pass on knowledge to others. This has been repeatedly demonstrated as he continues to teach others that anyone can make something from nothing, as long as you are hungry and take action every day.


Bruno completed his LLB degree at UNISA, whilst simultaneously gaining exposure and experience in the legal field. After an invaluable term with Burden, Swart & Botha Attorneys in Brooklyn (Pretoria) from 2007 to 2011, Bruno founded Bruno Simão Attorneys in Sandton (Johannesburg) in 2012.

Although his expertise ranges across the board to all facets of the firm’s areas of practice, Bruno’s expertise lies predominantly in dispute resolution, commercial and property law, which entails, amongst a range of other specialities, extensive engagement on investment strategy, planning, structuring, funding, and execution; as well as litigation/arbitration strategy and execution, including commercial and contractual disputes, enforcement orders, evictions, utility disconnections, and rental collections.

Bruno has contributed extensively to the modelling, education and skills development of property investors, offering specialised training on profiling, strategy, and risk management, and having both contributed to the training and acted in representation of a range of persons including entry-level investors to high-level corporates. He regularly presents (at international seminars, radio shows, and summits) and contributes articles on the topic, and has spearheaded Court cases that have developed and framed this area of law


Christiaan Jansen has an astute mathematical ability and this has allowed for ease in number crunching and identifying approaches to optimising the numbers. His formal employment started at Absa Home Loans, from where he was approached by Betterbod, a large property investment group to join them. 

His primary engagements comprise of being a mortgage originator and serving as Ambassador to the BNI Tshwane region, where his portfolio comprises of providing training to fellow BNI members, to maximise their BNI experience. This has led to a wealth of knowledge in a variety of industries, equipping him with great empathy and a vast general knowledge.

Tpday, Christiaan is a finance specialist at three-sixty finance and his specialties include, Mortgage origination, Property Investment, Portfolio Planning and Property Coaching


Though Jaco Grobbelaar has had a career in the finance industry, his real passion is teaching people how to realise their dreams. This he believes can be done by investing in property, which will help people reach financial freedom.
Bloemfontein born and bred Grobbelaar is the founder and Managing Director of Johannesburg-based Prosperity Enterprises. 

Prosperity Enterprises is an investment and financial education company that invests in property and other alternative investments with exceptional returns and teaches others how to invest in property and other alternative investments


Marisia Robus is an expert property inspector as well as an ITC Certified Roof Inspector. With 12 years construction experience.

she specializes in doing full home inspections; due diligence inspections for commercial and industrial properties; maintenance inspections for houses, town house complexes and commercial and industrial properties. 

Marisia Robus is the only female practicing ITC Certified Roof Inspector in the country. Across SA their are only two females who are certified. Not only is she certified and is still practicing, she also practice with her father who is also certified but a super veteran in the industry.  Marisia’s father, Albert van Wyk is the author of  book Proud Home Owner a book that has become a go to for me as I am not a maintenance guy by nature.