Introducing MICHAEL BOWEN​

Michael Bowen Founder at CThomes

Sometimes you’re up, and sometimes your down. Through the long, cold winter of 2016, Michael Bowen sat, lonely and defeated, in the draughty double garage he had been reduced to calling home, and wondered what had gone wrong.

In a short space of time he had lost nearly everything – his possessions, his job and eventually even his home. Little did he know that what he was going through would become the driving force behind his future business ventures.  

CT Homes is Born

Two years later, his life back on track, Michael decided to commit totally to growing his budding real estate company, leveraging a background in IT operations management and 14 years of real estate experience. CT Homes’ specific objective would be to provide solutions to homeowners experiencing financial trouble and the dire possibility of their homes being repossessed. The very situation he had once faced and managed to turn around.

A second Chance

Pretoria businesswoman Mrs Ndlovu’s* story perhaps best illustrates Michael’s character. With her business struggling and her husband serving a one-year sentence for white-collar crime, Mrs Ndlovu desperately needed to sell her home, but no offers were forthcoming. Unable to make the instalments on a cash loan to cover the mortgage, she had lost her car and was also behind on payments for her business premises.

Michael, hearing of the family’s predicament through his real estate network, got in touch with her and started working on a solution which would enable her to settle her debts as quickly as possible.

Having agreed on a reasonable price, Michael immediately used part of it to settle the loan shark debt and retrieve her precious car. In the same way, he also paid off the landlord of her business premises, reinstating access to her treasured tools, designs and life’s work.

Mrs Ndoluv’s family were now faced with the problem of where they were going to live. Once again Michael had a solution – the family were offered a discounted rental deal for the year, giving them time to get their lives back together.    

As if all that wasn’t enough, Michael also assisted Mrs Ndolvu in adapting the house so that she could get her business up and running and work from home.

A deep-seated commitment to helping others

Kindness, commitment and integrity are hard-wired in Michael, and in the value system of CT Homes. Having experienced financial struggles himself, he is intimately familiar with the fear and anxiety they can trigger.

“Experiencing such uncertainty makes it very difficult to think clearly,” he says. “People tend to panic and make bad choices. That’s where we like to think we can be of value. We’re here to help people make those hard decisions and discover the most effective solution to their problem.”

CT Homes is about much more than simply making a profit and Michael is a committed believer in the holistic approach to problem solving. The company’s ultimate objective is thus to make a sustainable difference to people’s lives, enabling them to move forward with confidence and dignity.

CT Homes is now helping property owners in Gauteng (Egoli Homes) and Bloemfontein (BloemHomes), with KwaZulu Natal to follow later this year.

* Name withheld for protection of personal information