3 Steps to follow when selling your Cape Town Home which has structural and/or surface damages

It is understandable that a property can have some flaws or damages which was added to it over time. Here are 3 steps that you can follow when you want to sell your property that has some damage to it.

Inspect all the damages and disclose everything

It is critically important to have your property, which you know has damages inspected before placing it on the market, and to make sure you disclose those issues to the agent and buyers – this risk of not doing this is an expensive litigation and damages claims. Include items such as broken doors, Leaking roofs, cracked windows, pools with broken equipment and especially missing house keys.

A recent decision that has been made in the High Court has shown that honesty is the best policy when selling your house as it enables potential buyers to consider the costs involved in repairing the property to their satisfaction.

In instances where the property is so badly damaged, it is often better to demolish the entire property and to rebuild, This is especially true when the property has a great view or in the perfect neighbourhood. These are all damages that are easily identified when one walks through a property and by openly declaring these types of damages, more trouble in the future can be avoided. You need to know that you as a seller must not always assume that the potential buyers will find the issues themselves; or that the voetstoots clause will automatically protect you from liability. It wont if you don’t disclose something you should have and could have known about

Spice up the property.

If the property has some minor damages spice up the property in ways to make the damages less overwhelming. This can be done by adding some paint, nice furniture or a lovely garden. By adding all of these features it can make the property more presentable to the potential buyer and increase the possibility of it being sold. Also keep in mind to not over spend on these type of improvements because you don’t know what the buyer has in store for the property, and you might just lose your money you have spent in order to make the property more presentable.

Sell your property directly to a professional home buyer:

The best way to sell your damaged property is to sell it to a professional home buyer. They buy any property they can find in whatever condition the property may be. The best part is that professional home buyers prefer buying in cash thus making the closing time period much shorter, and thus eliminating the troubles to deal with real estate agents in order to sell the property.